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LOCATION – M-55, Second Floor, Above Citibank ATM, M Block Market, Greater Kailash, 1 is where you’ll find Gastronomica Kitchen and Bar.


AMBIANCE – Set up in the most appealing and delighting dining area set up with dim lights and good music.

SERVICE – The staff and waiters are just a sight away. There friendliness and constant suggest and information about the food and beverages is what makes Gastro a well managed working system.

DRINKS  – To start off my evening, I order an Apple Mojito to relax my mind and a kiwi Mocktail. A drink served cold is the most relaxing and filled with juicy flavors drink I’ve ever had.

Next, I order an Italian dish-Indian style called Ardhchini. It is made from Kadhi Chaawal served with a dip to compliment it. Beautifully garnished and served. I never heard about a cheese-less pizza until now. Gastro offers different varieties of pizzas and amongst them is a Pizza Cheese free and fat free. A thin crust pizza to go with a lot of veggies and some pretty tangy yet amazing sauce.


Before I order the main course I had a strange curiosity of having Mango Palate Cleaner. This dish was served and presented in the most appealing and beautiful kind of way. In that first bite I was completely taken away with the sweetness and the taste of mangoes and who doesn’t like cold mangoes on a hot day!


For the main course, I ordered Kadhai Paneer along with Dal Makhani and Burani Raita. Kadai Paneer had all its hidden ingredients perfectly grinded and cooked with soft pieces of Paneer. Dal Makhani had a perfect blend of spices that leaves your mouth watery. Burani Raita was very different from all the other raitas. You get the taste of different spices mixed or blended in a nice way with the sweet and tangy taste of raita.


In a nutshell , an experience at Gastronomica Kitchen And Bar is a must with friends and family for its food, beverage and welcoming atmosphere.



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